Gerard Piqué habla de Shakira y Milan en RCN

  • Interviewer: What's your favorite song by Shakira?
  • Pique: Inevitable, even though it's old.
  • Interviewer: Your loves are Barca, Shaki, and now Milan!
  • Pique: Yes, true, but hopefully I can one more to love.
  • Interviewer: Are you in love with Milan?
  • Pique: I'm in love with Milan, Shaki, life.
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Marc Bartra and Melissa Jimenez are dating?

We just answered this question and wont be answering this question until it’s official. 

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Hey,is Neymar still single? Thank You for answering. :) <3

we thinks so

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Which wag do you like MOST? Xx


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whats the deal between Marc Bartra and Melissa Jimenez? It seems like they are really dating

for the last time, we do not know anything! i havent read anything on the spanish paper, but i do agree there’s something going on instagram. we’ll have to wait :-)

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I love coral she looooks omg so beautiful


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But it's so annying looking though the tags and there is the same picture 5 times only because you post it a second time instead of reblogging, in my opinion it's disrespectful towards the blogs who posted first.

Then don’t follow our blog, it’s that simple! We won’t be answering your negative comments anymore, have a good day :-)

Manuelli with her mom at the Barça-Athletic game

Manuelli with her mom at the Barça-Athletic game

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Please look in the tags before posting all the pictures, especially your last ones of Anna and Daniella are some days old and some other blogs already posted them.

We can post whatever we want because it’s our blog, thank you :-))))

Sergi and Coral together